Call of Duty 2

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Sgthaarde's American Skin Pack Guest 1.83MB 1,933
KnifeInFace's Real M1A1 Carbine KnifeInFace 962KB 657
notsafeforwork's Very Realistic Skin Pack Notsafeforwork 1.31MB 1,041
KnifeInFace's Pistol Pack KnifeInFace 1.4MB 744
Notsafeforwork's Skinpack Notsafeforwork 3.5MB 760
|2ndAD|Wilhelm's Weapon Skins Wilhelm 2.38MB 211
KnifeInFace's Pistol Pack KnifeInFace 2.82MB 141
gold and camo weapons koene007 10.49MB 179
Camo Rifle Skins tr1xx 467KB 139
Ferry's Panzergrenadiers Ferry 11.95MB 3,276
Ferry's Luftwaffe Infantry Skins Ferry 15.99MB 3,809
Ferry's Chin Strap Skins Ferry 2.05MB 1,334
KnifeInFace's 3rd Canadian Infantry Divison KnifeInFace 5.74MB 1,409
Sgthaarde's Bloody Hands and Sleeves Guest 336KB 1,871
Sgthaarde's Grey Sleeves and Gloves Guest 272KB 245
Sgthaarde's Grey Sleeves and Gloves Guest 736KB 739
Sgthaarde's Desert Camo Arm/Glove Skins Guest 292KB 775
Sgthaarde's Super Uber Hi-Res Hands Guest 264KB 1,127
Laser Tracers Burnard 2KB 2,089
Sgthaarde's CoD2 Compass Skin Guest 12KB 453
Tally's Realistic CoD2 Compass Tally 28KB 5,053
Aeneas2020's Winter White Helmets and Soviet Banner Skins Aeneas2020 1.23MB 955
Ferry's White Winter German Helmet Ferry 1.05MB 1,293
Loading Screen Mod JSlavenburg 7.21MB 830
Bernholdt's Real Cow Skin Bernholdt 355KB 1,160
Meeshman's Improved Arm/Glove Skins Meeshman 2.26MB 1,000
Jayjacko8's CoD2 Loading Screen Jayjacko8 814KB 439
J.A. Compass J.A. 22KB 964
Camo Binoculars M@yhem^DoomSlayer 101KB 665
CoD2 Skull Compass BuckDich and DoomSlayer 9KB 1,357
Camo TNT M@yhem^DoomSlayer 30KB 415
101 Airborne's Camo Flak 88 Skin 101 Airborne 553KB 535
101 Airborne's Flak 36 Skins 101 Airborne 1.08MB 213
101 Airborne's Flak 36 Desert Skin 101 Airborne 565KB 341
101 Airborne's Flak 88 Yellow Skin 101 Airborne 601KB 147
Dragon Compass M@yhem^DoomSlayer 62KB 357
Green Beret's Crosshair Green Beret 757B 393
Nazi Barrels War_Crimes 1.48MB 73
Stance Mod PlusIce 292KB 62
Other Stance Mod PlusIce 311KB 78
Messiah Compass PlusIce 251KB 69
Desert Compass PlusIce 223KB 82
Black Compass PlusIce 28KB 105
Iron Cross Compass PlusIce 12KB 145
Monosgeri's Kar98k Scope Monosgeri 17KB 262
Battousai567's Mil-Dot Scope Battousai567 172KB 3,040
Battousai567's PSO-1 Scope Battousai567 171KB 1,727
Ferry's Realistic Rifle Scopes Ferry 884KB 1,719
Monosgeri's Springfield Scope Monosgeri 645KB 643
Ferry's Final Scopes Ferry 1.56MB 349
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