No Man's Sky deep dives into The Abyss in latest update 1 reply

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#1 3 weeks ago

A new update for No Man's Sky drops today, and it brings a complete overhaul to underwater exploration, allowing players to delve deep into the oceans of planets to find resources, explore more murky, detailed environments and generally make it feel like a more integrated part of the game.

There's no a major increase in the frequency of underwater biomes, with a wider range of biome types available now too. You're also more likely to encounter a wider range of aquatic creatures in your travels, and the deeper you go, much like with Earth's own oceans, the scarier and more terrifying they get.

There's a bunch of new story quests relating to underwater exploration, too, giving players much more reason to delve the depths of planet's oceans, including one quest that sees you investigating a crashed freighter lost at the bottom of the ocean, and another searching for a soul amongst mysterious underwater ruins.

There's plenty of underwater shipwrecks to explore and loot, as well as new bases and biomes you can find or build, specifically designed for use underwater. There's even a new submarine exocraft, which makes exploring underwater much easier.

The Abyss is a free update, dropping today, but it seems to be another solid update in what has been something of a turnaround to the games initial lukewarm reception.

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#2 2 weeks ago

Next made the game playable, and this adds fun. 2018 has been a good year for this game.